Saturday, October 08, 2005

Leisurely but productive Saturday

Having spent the majority of the morning alternately napping and trying to figure out how to get the moblogging software to work from my Treo 650, I suddenly realized I was famished and well on my way to the headache that inevitably results from not eating.

The morning was productive though, and chock full of activities that may give me enough points for my geek merit badge. I followed up my foray into blogging with the purchase this morning of my first domain: If i'd understood what was to come technologically, I would have bought back in 1996 or '97 when I first started using the 'net. Instead, some NY jeweler owns it and uses it for the company's Natasha line of jewelry. At least it doesn't link to some poorly constructed, haphazardly spell-checked porn site like "NATASHA.COM!! THE HOTTEST PLACE ONTHE WEB FOR RUSHIAN GILRLS GONE WILDDD!!!"


I need to do some more tinkering to figure out how I want to manage the site, what upgrades or changes I'll want, etc. I even booted up Dreamweaver for the first time in months to start building a new website. The current page there is just my old slap-dash, two year old site with an outdated resume and other assorted text from when my freelance business was active. I'll take baby steps to the new incarnation.

So when I finally got out and about (nothing like showering and getting dressed for the day at 3:30pm), I hit the World Lux grand opening downtown. It's a pen and leather goods store that used to be called Seattle Pen. I've actually already been in to the new store. They opened a couple weeks later than expected but I kept walking over on my lunch break to see if they were open yet. Each time, they weren't and had pushed the opening off a few days. So I stopped going to avoid becoming the first pen store stalker on record.

But all the folks there are nice and have started to remember my name ("Oh yes: here you are in our database under 'S' for stalker."). Today I drooled over pens and perused their new watch section on Jason's behalf. I also took home a cool, red, Lodis backpack. I have added a classic green Conway Stewart sterling silver Duro fountain pen with a Broad italic nib to my wish list. Drool, drool.

Next I stopped by Lemongrass in the International District for a long-delayed meal: 5-spice chicken noodle soup and stir fried tofu and mango salad. Love it! More later.

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