Monday, October 24, 2005

Those French know how to eat

The food here has been great. Filling and flavorful. I even figured out how to use my French phrasebook to order in English. I just pull it out and display prominently and the waiter says, "What would you like?" See? Awkward butchering of the French language averted. :-) Actually, that's only worked once. Usually I do order for us in French but some menu items are not in my dictionary. For instance: andouillette would seem to be close enough to the English 'andouille' to guess it's sausage, right? Well it is, but as our waiter pantomimed for us, it's sausage made with pig intestines. That's right: we nearly ordered chitlin' sausage. It might have been tasty, but since I don't even like regular chitlins, I'm guessing I would have been one unhappy, hungry camper.
The only other meal challenge we've had is that the meat cooking scale is different here. We ordered beef "medium well" and what came out on the platter was basically seared on the outside and still wondering what hit it on the inside. Note to self: use "bien cuit" next time (well done).

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