Monday, October 24, 2005

Window full of goodness

No surprise given the French gastronomical reputation, but there are great looking food shops EVERYWHERE. We can barely walk from our apartment to the Metro (about 4-5 blocks) without being tempted by multiple bakeries, confectioneries, cafés, and more.

I can see why people talk about a French paradox: they eat rich, delicious food and wine at every meal and don't seem to gain an ounce. After just a few days, it's clear how they do it: the portions are normal, not supersized, and they walk A LOT more.

We've eaten well the whole time we've been here, but thanks to our sightseeing and treks to various neighborhoods on my never-ending quest for cool fountain pens and paper, we're racking up huge step counts each day:
Friday (1/2 day): 3,625 steps
Saturday: 11,468 steps/5.25 miles (this one was a bit much. We came back and slept for hours)
Sunday: 3,632 steps/1.7 miles
Monday: 10,871 steps/4.98 miles (due in large part to the Louvre. It's MASSIVE and we barely scratched the surface before our bodies said 'enough', followed by another later afternoon, multi-hour nap). It feels great though to get out and move.

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