Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Back after a break

Took a nice break there. Just didn't feel like cluttering up cyberspace with uninspired musings. But now I've got lots of things on my mind. :-) Like this great book on Paris by writer Adam Gopnik given to me by a co-worker. Paris to the Moon details the author's five years on a dream assigment: writing about Paris life for the New Yorker. Gopnik is a masterful storyteller, deftly weaving the profound and mundane in the same paragraph. It makes me long for Paris even more because he talks about all these great places there that I didn't even know about. So much Paris, so little time. :-)

This is one of my favorite pictures from Paris. I have seen this scene so many times in movies and on TV, so it was great to stand there myself and experience it, on a beautiful day, to boot!

Now I'm going to brainstorm ways of creating a Paris-related assignment of my own. Where there's a will...

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