Friday, January 19, 2007

Isis in transit

This week's latest installment of Isis on the go. She rides really well in the car and is a perfect roadtrip companion, although she'd prefer a bench seat to bucket ones, so she could put her head in my lap while we ride.

Tomorrow we may attend a Meetup for pitbulls and their owners in Kent. There's also a French Bulldog Meetup in North Seattle we may check out. I've been looking for a low-energy/low exercise need dog for my rather sedentary parents and Frenchies are cute and compact, but still seem like a real dog. As opposed to those tiny doglets that fit in a purse and are just a step above an animatronic Beanie Baby. Properly raised/trained and socialized bully breeds rock! :-) But of course, I think all dogs rock.

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