Monday, May 21, 2007

Yes, of course my dog needs a couch from Costco

I love my dog and I love Costco. This weekend, they both made me very happy. I've seen and read stories about Costco CEO Jim Sinegal like this one in Time magazine. He and the chain just strike me as more fair to employees and much less evil than their big box, blue vest wearing competitors that shall remain nameless, though no less reviled.

So I was out tooling around with Isis the wonder pooch this weekend and stopped by Costco to get gas and pig ears. J. and I have a running joke that you can't get out of that place without spending at least $100 because it's all so affordable and enticing, but I was firm in my resolve to avoid the pull of the family packs of everything. With just the two of us thus far and limited storage space in our kitchen, stocking up on mega anything doesn't make sense.

But on my way to the pig ears, what should I spy but new pet furniture. I've been looking for a good, affordable, easy to wash, comfy bed for Isis for a while, but couldn't bring myself to spend the $75-$150 asking price at some other stores for their no doubt stellar, but quite budget-busting, pet bed alternatives.

But check this out. An Isis-sized couch that matches our color scheme perfectly. Plus, it was just $25 (!) and the cover can be unzipped on each section to remove the padding for washing. I love it! She looks like she's falling out of it but she usually curls up on her bedding, so it works great. And when she lays there post-pig ear noshing, all shiny, content and cozy, it makes me very happy.

The picture below shows her after she was startled by the sound of J. pumping up a basketball out of sight downstairs. Her first response was a startled, "What the he... What is that?!" And with the hissing of each successive pump, her head turned more and more sideways until her ear was almost parallel to the floor. Hilarious. Dogs are the best.
And I got out of Costco having spent less than $50 (if you don't include the gas. But that was outside. ;-) ) Excellent.

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