Friday, June 22, 2007

Surgeon takes new route to gallbladder: weird surgery news that manages to irk me

Okay file this under things I probably could have died without knowing and been just fine. But I share it with you because it’s like an online car wreck: you know you want to look. Just be glad there are not pictures. I came across this article on an Oregon newspaper site.

Surgeon takes new route to gallbladder: U.S. first - A Portland doctor removes the organ in the abdomen through a woman's mouth

The article states the innovative doc:

“is part of a group of doctors and medical device manufacturers nationwide working to develop "natural orifice" surgeries -- through the mouth, vagina and rectum -- to help eliminate pain and scarring and reduce recovery time…

[his] procedure follows one in April by another team of surgeons in New York where a woman's gallbladder was taken out through her vagina. He applauded that effort but added that "since only half the population has vaginas we were looking for a more universal platform."”

Funny: only half the population has a penis and even fewer of those have erectile dysfunction, and even fewer have the money to pay for surgery or prescriptions to fix it, but that didn’t stop the medical community from coming up with penile implants and Viagra.

And of course by funny above I mean like, “Ha-freaking-ha.”

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