Thursday, January 10, 2008

Treat for the bag lover in your life

Do you carry a purse or know someone who does? Since that's everyone, unless you're a monk reading this in a monastery in some remote local, check this out. There's a cool tool for hanging a purse on a table when you're out and about.

If you're thinking, "Solution in search of a problem," think again. Every woman who carries a purse at some point ends up at a bar or restaurant without a good place to put her purse, other than on or under her chair (easy to forget, dirty and makes your bag a theft target) or in her lap (cumbersome, increases potential of spilling on purse and prevents leg crossing).
This handy bag hook is the perfect alternative. And apparently, this type of device has been around for decades! Posters on other sites say their grandmothers and moms used one when they were young. So what's old is new again and we get to benefit.

The purse hook comes in several sparkly and vintage-look finishes, is useful and lightweight. It rotates to lie flat for storage, so you can just throw it in your purse in the complimentary velveteen drawstring pouch and go. Here's mine in action. Love it!

They can be found online by Googling handbag hook, but lover of instant gratification that I am, I got mine at a neat new handbag store in downtown Seattle called Clutch. Their bags are from luxurious brands and though many are affordable, most are out of my current handbag price range, what with the bambino to put through college and all.
But I love to go drool over their latest finds and steam up the window while salivating from the sidewalk. They carry several styles of hooks. A purse hook at a handbag store? It makes so much sense it's genius! Happy hooking!

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