Saturday, February 09, 2008

Caucus lessons learned

Postscript: There were several lessons learned for next time.

1. Bring water and snacks. It was incredibly hot in the gym/cafeteria and the nearest school water fountain had a noticable chlorine taste. The snacks are just standard protocol for outings: I'm a grazer during the day.

2. Sit in front of the precinct leader. We were behind her and couldn't hear anything since she didn't seem to recognize that with all the extra people and attendant side conversations, rustling, and such, she needed to raise her voice at least a smidge. She was talking as if there were two people gathered to caucus in her living room. Grrr.

3. Find a chair as soon as you arrive. The lunchroom tables are great for holding the rear ends of squirming 7 year olds or the average super model, but not adult-sized ones. Note to self.

A better shot of the three of us with Ava wide awake.

Oh, and I looked up the school rankings for the caucus site elementary school with the fancy climbing wall. It received one out of five on one site, three stars out of 10 on another, and 859th of 1069 public elementary schools ranked in Washington. Looks like the kids will need the practice climbing up from the bottom. Ugh and unbelievable at the same time that that doesn't strike school leaders as wrong in some fundamental way. I've got five years until Ava goes to school. I'm afraid. Very, very afraid.

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  1. Good for you for caucussing. We had a primary in Georgia, so I went and did my part and voted.

    Go Dems is right!