Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obscene amounts of beverages

This is my first ever Venti Starbucks drink, served up by one of the baristas in the background having a public display of affection with a co-worker. I've always thought the Venti, or "large" to the non-Starbucks indoctrinated or "extra large" to normal people or "Obscene amount of beverage" to Europeans, was just too much liquid for a human to ingest in a short period. But I'm in Vegas, it's the desert, I've been in climate controlled rooms almost since we arrived, and I just walked the mile or so from my hotel to the conference hotel and back for the 4th (!!) time today. And this last time, I wore a 13.5 lb. baby and a diaper bag, just to make it interesting and give J. a break. So to describe my current state of being as PARCHED would be like describing casinos as a little bright and noisy or the current administration as a bit unsuccessful. 'Nuff said.

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