Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seattle Storm fans are the best

Tonight's family outing is another great Seattle Storm game, this time against the Indiana Fever. Ava waves her arms and kicks her legs in excitement whenever there's a basket and the crowd roars.

Since we have the same seats each time, we're starting to recognize the other regular fans around us. When we arrived tonight, a lady behind us handed us a $20 and said, "You dropped this the last time you were here, along with a business card for the University of Texas, but I don't have it anymore."

J. and I were perplexed. First, we hadn't been to a game in nearly a month because they'd been on the road and we'd skipped one to attend a wedding.
"We don't have any affiliation with the University of Texas..." J. started to explain. Then I remembered one of my travel mates from the fellowship last year is a UT professor and I'd been carrying his card in my pocket to remind myself to send him & his wife a thank you card and gift.

I knew I'd dropped the card and cash for postage somewhere but figured it was a $20 lesson in taking better care of my pocket paraphenalia. But thanks to an incredibly considerate Storm fan, I got the lesson without the loss. How nice is she?! Proving once again that Seattle Storm fans are class acts, just like the team they support. And they won tonight to boot! Go Storm go!


  1. Thank you! She is a hoot to boot. We're totally digging this parenthood thing.