Friday, August 15, 2008

Playing hooky at the pool

With temperatures in Seattle in the upper 80s yesterday, I took some rare time away from the office (though still tethered by Blackberry) to take Ava to an area wading pool.

Here we are looking askance at the people cooling their dogs off in one of the pools. Um, WTH?! Is that not common sense, not to mention against the law, to not let your pooch frolic were babies play?

Luckily, there was another, less fouled water feature in which to wiggle our feet and continue efforts to figure out how these 11 month old legs work.

Isn't she cute in her little suit?
And here she is getting an assist from Dad in navigating the rockery. She seems to be a sun-lovin' baby like me. Whoo hoo! On days like this, that SAHM deal looks pretty attractive. Unfortunately, the homelessness my not working would cause in this expensive urban community would not be so attractive. So the juggling continues. But at least we have these sunny memories. :-)


  1. Am reading "The Ten-Year Nap" by Meg Wolizter. About halfway through and the SAHMs don't seem too happy either.

  2. I know: frustrations and trade-offs abound on all sides of this issue! I feel differently depending on the day: sometimes loving things as they are, sometimes loathing aspects. I think it will always be a grass is greener view, depending on where folks stand at the moment.