Monday, October 20, 2008

Letter to McCain-Palin: unsubscribe

Somehow I ended up on the McCain-Palin e-mail list. I know: it's like opening up the mailbox and finding a gag subscription to Jugs Magazine. When I clicked the link to unsubscribe, there was a box for explaining why. Here's what I put.

I was never a McCain supporter by any stretch of the imagination and feel that the two people on this ticket want to take the country in exactly the wrong the direction.

You have spent the summer sowing divisiveness and fear amongst voters who actually share the most American of hopes and dreams: a family-wage job, a good education for their kids, and assurances that the country is headed in the right direction and that those at the top are also thinking of those in the middle and at the bottom when they make policy decisions that affect us all. You have actively worked to pit Americans of different economic means against each other. That is not putting country first.

You first dismissed the valid concerns and fears of people across the country who have struggled to make ends meet in one of the toughest economies in decades. Then, seeing a way to turn that to your advantage, you stoked uncertainty and fears about domestic affairs and conflated them with nebulous threats from abroad, all in an effort to bolster support for your candidacy. Rather than trying to bring us together as a country and show how much we share instead of where we differ, this ticket has actively worked to turn neighbor against neighbor. That is not putting country first.

Finally, your VP pick is both laughable and insulting: laughable not only because of her cringeworthy verbal aimlessness in interviews or her stint on SNL, but because she has obviously been put into a situation far beyond her capabilities, education or ability to compensate for shortcomings. Since she’s so fond of sports, as they say in football, she’s out-kicked her coverage. By a wide margin. Her selection is also a clear illustration that the Peter Principle (that in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence) could just as aptly be called the Palin Principle.

The selection is insulting because you apparently actually believed anyone in a skirt would do. That is insulting not only to women nationwide of any party, but especially to the many Republican women in particular who are far more qualified, accomplished, thoughtful, experienced and ready to lead than Palin. Her selection was not done with the aim of putting country first.

I hope you two will finish up the final two weeks of this campaign with the honor you so frequently espouse by not continuing to play to people’s worst instincts or continuing to try to vilify your opponents. But I doubt it. Because that would mean putting country first: something you two seem to have given up on actually doing.

I do not know how I ended up on your mailing list but please take me off.

That should open up a spot on the Christmas card list.


  1. Natasha -
    this is AWESOME. Let us know if you get a response ;)


  2. Wow, that's telling them! Are you receiving any robo calls? I had to ask to be removed from their calling list. I've never been a registered Republican, so I don't understand how I ended up on their list either.

  3. No robo calls, thankfully. But we have a robo-call-like element of our own with a "no solicitation" greeting on our home phone. I wonder if they just bought lists of registered voters. That's almost like spam if they did.