Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mama's turn

Yeah, it took an extra month, but Ava finally got around to giving props to mom.

Weight gain, c-section, stretch marks, sleepless nights (still), the mild inconvenience of pumping at work, and being so consumed with interest in something that weighs just over 13 pounds: all forgotten, baby.

Blogger meetup

Almost a month ago (yeah, I know. Time flies when you're working, living and raising a baby.), I took Ava along to do some outreach to other local bloggers at a meetup.

It was a pretty loose group of really nice folks who appeared to know each other pretty well already. They were quite welcoming and quick to offer great insights on the blogging craft. It was good to meet this handful of other folks in my area who are putting their words out online for others to read, or in one attendee's case, deciding whether to do so.
Since we didn't make it into the shot one of the other attendees took with his iPhone, I snapped this one of me and a very sleepy Ava, who was too young (at five months) to castigate me for keeping her out entirely too late on a weeknight. I suspect she'll return the favor in about 16 years.