Monday, January 05, 2009

Aquarium visit

At Seattle Aquarium for 1st time w/daughter. Most of the things in here can be described as "tastes good w/butter." 

Running around in the big domed underwater room.

One of those weirdly cool fish balls of salmon overhead. There was a giant sturgeon ball in the Columbia River last summer.

The Aquarium had lots of kid-friendly displays set up at their eye level and with touchable elements, which were major draws for all the toddlers and parents throughout the facility. The open starfish tank even invited you to touch - one finger only though.

This was one of several octopus displays. Ava was a little freaked out when it slinked along the glass right in front of her.  Not surprising considering it was larger than her. And has tentacles.

The Seattle Aquarium has undergone a major overhaul in recent years and the changes are great. I overhead another visitor saying she's been to aquariums all over (Hawaii, Vancouver, California) and she thinks Seattle's is the best because it has displays that are good for both kids and adults, which is why she comes regularly even though she doesn't have kids. I would agree with her assessment.

It had been years since I'd been to the Seattle Aquarium but the new, inviting displays, clear signage, neat factoids posted about the various species on display, and even the circuitous path through the facility that makes it seem like a journey all combined to make it well worth the $16 fee (free for kids). Next time I'll bring snacks, as I saw other families doing, so we can pause for a mini-picnic and spend more time in the facility without fear of snack attack.  I'm adding it to future my family outings list and expect to go back more often. All in all, a good mom and daughter day out. Next time, we're bringing J.

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