Monday, June 08, 2009

Maximus-minimus lunch

Ran out for lunch to try this BBQ truck, which sets up shop weekdays at 2nd & Pike in downtown Seattle.

I spotted it from a block away by the giant silver pig-shaped truck and the line doubled back on itself with salivating customers-to-be.

The owner was out schmoozing the line and answering questions. Nice guy, interesting concept.

I opted for the pulled pork sandwich with sweeter minimus sauce (maximus is apparently like two stars in Thai cuisine. The minimus is like one), no slaw, with a side of vegetable chips, which appear to be deep fried potato slices, green beans, beets, and sweet potato.

I also had a ginger lemonade, which struck me as just right, despite the owner's warning that some people found it too tart, others found the hibiscus nectar too sweet, and he advised that both just need vodka.

It was all delish and well worth the trek and line, although to be honest, they had me at deep fried vegetables. Menu, hours, locations and more at their site:


  1. I wish we had these food trucks in Atlanta. On the other hand, there is a BBQ joint across the street so I can't complain too much.

  2. You are lucky. The best BBQ we've found up here so far is cooked by hubby on our patio. We'd love to do a BBQ tour of the southern U.S. I think the local food truck is modeled on the Korean BBQ one in LA that got a lot of press for its use of social media to drum up business:,0,4560062.story
    Pretty cool. I'd love to sample that too.

  3. It was really nice to meet you and Ava this weekend!

    And I love how mobile good food is getting. I will have to get downtown and get me some BBQ!