Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heaven: thy name is quiche

Disappointed by yet another over-priced, under-flavored, flaccid slice of quiche at a coffee shop, I set out tonight to make my own low-cost, tasty version for breakfast tomorrow.

This one has sauteed mushrooms, onions and shredded zucchini layered with diced cooked breakfast sausage, sliced grape tomatoes and grated gruyere cheese. And a partridge in a pear tree. Ha! Kidding on that last part.

It's pretty hearty but I need protein, iron and calcium these days. And instead of half and half and five eggs as called for in the recipe I used as a basis for it, I used whole milk and three eggs, so it's not a total heart bomb, but I'll see how it turns out when I cut a slice in the morning.

Update: it was all meaty, cheesy, protein- and veggie-filled perfection and just what I was hoping for.

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