Monday, May 31, 2010

First spitting up, now sitting up

Dylan had his 6 month appointment last week and is progressing as expected. By "expected" I mean 90 something percentile for head circumference, height and weight.

He's tipping the scales at a healthy 18.4 lbs. He's got a few rolls, but he is just a solid chunk underneath with a grip like he's been using those hand-strengthening squeeze balls on the sly.

The other day Jason saw him stretched out in my lap and said, "You know it looks like you're nursing a small man." Yes, a small, adorable one with a toothless grin. Which is kind of a creepy description now that I think about it, but he is cute as a button. A large button, like on a piece of lumberjack clothing. But still...

Friends loaned us a Bumbo seat, which seems to have helped him improve at sitting up both in and out of it, as evidenced by the photo. I suspect he's got a baby 6-pack under that belly because he twisted up and out of the Bumbo today to get a toy just out of his reach.

Doing tummy time with sis

Which means he's officially out of the "okay to leave unattended on elevated surfaces" stage. He can roll over with impunity and is now inching his way backwards, like a car with a blown tranny that can only go in reverse.
Using restaurant high chairs with ease now. This is at Suncadia resort near Cle Elum, WA.

Last week he inched off his sister's bed and hit the floor. Twice in two days. The second time it took mere seconds for him to get from the back of the bed to the edge. I felt like the "Don't do this" pictures in the parenting brochures they hand out at his checkups.

Despite our gaffes, he seems none the worse for wear and continues to thrill and thrive. He said da-da a couple weeks ago but hasn't said it or anything close to words since. Ah well: all in due time.

Chillin' with Dad at Suncadia's restaurant

I'm off to show him how to use that monster grip to make fresh squeezed grape juice. Might as well get something out of it besides missing hair chunks.
5 months old on first hotel overnight in Portland, OR. Showing his love of remotes early.
With his hair fried, dyed and laid to the side - actually just brushed down after a bath

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