Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Eye spy

Me and my Granny, age 99 in March 2006
Unlike my grandmother, who lived to 100, didn't wear glasses and could still spot a dropped sewing needle on the floor across a room, I had undiagnosed vision problems as a kid and didn’t get glasses until I was 10 or 11. My teachers thought I sat in the front row because I was eager. Who am I kidding: I was eager. But I also couldn't see if I sat farther back.

My two best friends had glasses, so when I asked for some, my folks thought I just wanted them  because my friends had them. Riiight. Because all the COOL kids are rocking prescription glasses with extra thick lenses. Hawtie alert!

It turned out that I’m VERY nearsighted: 20/650 uncorrected. Meaning if I knock my glasses off the night table, I have to get on my knees and feel around for them on the floor. Not. Pretty. On the upside, in every apartment and house where I've lived, I can walk around unimpeded in the dark. See: "The perks of nearsightedness," said Ms. Glass Half-Full.

Still, I was annoyed (caution: first world complaint ahead) to wake up a couple days ago and discover a screw missing from my glasses, leaving me with one missing ear hook. Fortunately, I still had a previous pair with a weaker prescription to tide me over until I can get mine repaired or upgraded. But it reminded me that there are organizations that collect old glasses for those who don't have the luxury of first world complaining about things like missing eyeglass screws.

If you have a pair of old glasses taking up space, consider donating them to organizations that help those who can't afford them. It's environmentally friendly and a way to put your extraneous items to good use.

Also, if you have kids, get their eyes checked early. Sometimes kids are incorrectly diagnosed with learning disabilities when they really have vision problems.

Judging by Ava and Dylan's ability to see me unwrapping a piece of gum from the other side of the house, I'm guessing they got my grandmother's eye genes.

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  1. Once I took off my glasses to take a nap and put them on my flowered bedspread. when I woke I couldn't find them and had to ask my roommate to come look for them for me. So I know what you went through.