Wednesday, November 24, 2010

High tech hallelujah

I was off today and spent time hanging with the family and trying to stave off a cold that has made it's way from the kids to J. and finally to me (maybe). I also continued my quest to make my new Barnes and Noble Nook Color work.

And like Dr. Frankenstein finally seeing his monster lurch off the surgery table, tonight I uttered, "It's alive! Alive!"

It took two days, two calls to Nook tech support, one call to my router tech support, two calls and one visit to my local Barnes and Noble, and at least three hours spent rebooting and reconfiguring my wireless router and attempting to connect the Nook Color to my home wi-fi.

All while intermittently entertaining, feeding, changing, wiping and playing with the kids. I even got outside with Ava and the dog to frolic in the snow for a bit while Dylan napped.

Man: and I thought I could multi-task before I had kids. 

Despite the hassle of calling, rebooting and such, as I've shown before with my lost luggage saga in '07, persistance pays baby! I finally got the Nook Color working.

Then it stopped. Now it's back. Basically, I've had to use my laptop to log in to router and reboot every time I want to connect the Nook Color to my wi-fi.

It may be due to my ancient router (2004), but I've found a few message boards on Barnes and Noble's site that indicate others have had trouble getting the Nook to connect to wi-fi too. Since every other device in the house connects to the wireless just fine, I'm not upgrading until it dies.

This is from my Nokia E71 cell phone camera.
Seriously, I could hire a courtroom sketch artist and get a better image. SO frustrating.

I downloaded an e-book, a kids book, and several trial magazines and newspapers to give them a spin, including GQ. Which is what Mr. Skeptical of E-readers there is kicked back reading so comfortably.

His verdict? "This thing is pretty hot."

Oh reeaaallly?! You, my man, are preaching to the choir. So hallelujah to that.

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