Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sprinting to Christmas

For the first time ever, we have our tree up more than a week or two before Christmas. Maybe it's a harbinger of a good year ahead that we're starting off ahead of the game on this annual task.

While the kids napped in the back, we took turns scouring the rows of trees at a nearby nursery. Our main criteria? One that smells good and was full. As if reading our minds, there was a section labeled "very fragrant" and therein we found a lovely Noble fir. Fortunately for me, a guy who worked there told me, because despite a lifetime in the tree-loving Pacific Northwest, I only know a handful of tree types by name. Usually I just call them what they look like. As in, big tree, skinny tree, tree blocking my view, etc.

 After loading it up and tying it securely...

we made the short trek home and had it up decorated within a few hours, after stopping to eat dinner, get ready for work and school tomorrow, and finally getting the kids bathed, read to, and put to bed. And let me tell you: it smells like we're just a present and a reindeer short of Christmas in this camp!