Saturday, February 12, 2011

Knock, knock. Who's there? My dog's butt

Just found a neat blog through a Tweet from an @momswhoblog link to Three Kid Circus.  The author seems lovely and as I posted in her comments, reading her New Year's post, I realized we have something totally random in common: problematic dog butts. She mentioned her dog chewing at its back/butt and needing to be shaved, in addition to doing a course of antibiotics and medicated shampoo.

My dog developed the same weird back itchiness and patchy hair loss around Christmas and we received the same instructions from the vet. We have not resorted to shaving her yet, but I thought for sure that I was the only mom in America spending New Year's weekend putting medicated shampoo on the dog's hind quarters and timing the administration of her antibiotic pills hidden (poorly) in cheese. Apparently (and happily for some reason) I was wrong.

I hope the meds and shampoo bring her coat back to it's seal-like glossiness. Seal as in the aquatic mammal, not the Heidi Klum better half. Although I'm sure he can be glossy given the right outfit.

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