Sunday, July 31, 2011

This little piggy compounded with interest

Unlike Ava's cute, monogrammed piggy bank, we've been keeping Dylan's money gifts in an open ceramic jar he received at my shower. I think it had flowers in it originally.

I figured we'd upgrade at some point but we were persuaded to do it sooner rather than later about a month ago when Ava's 5 y.o. cousin came to visit and started to leave with a pocket full of cash she'd been generously gifted byAva out of Dylan's stash.
We sat Ava down for a little lesson in not giving away things that don't belong to her, then went in search of a real bank. I found this one at a local toy store.

It's a hard rubber number and from the moment I unboxed it, Dylan has been smitten: carrying it around, pretending to feed it bits of food off his plate, and giving it impromptu hugs. We've either got a Future Farmer of America on our hands or a future banker or accountant.