Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Full dark out at 8:37 pm?! I am not amused.

Thrilling backseat singer

Ava is a bit obsessed with Michael Jackson's Thriller album and asks to play it every time we get into the car. Her favorites are Beat it, PYT, Billie Jean and Human Nature.

Unfortunately, she doesn't quite have all the words down or understand some of them. Do you want to get into explaining to an almost four year old the backstory of why Billie Jean "is just a girl who claims that I am the one..." (Shudder). That would call for a very special episode of Dora the Explorer, wherein we learn the backpack not only holds a map, but also a paternity test for Dora's dad. "Oh Dios mío, Boots!"

So Ava has taken to substituting words she does know for the ones she can't quite catch in the songs. Her take on Human Nature? "If they say 'Why? Why?' Tell 'em that it's human nature sanitation. Why? Why? Does he do me that way..."

Probably safe to say she's not going to be hitting the karaoke circuit anytime soon.