Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everyone has something of value to share

I love this article and didn't know all this about cartoonist Lynda Barry. http:// iR

Her approach that 'everyone has something worth writing or talking about' is why I blog (unevenly). It's my story to tell and that's enough.

This line particularly resonated for me: I have a real chip on my shoulder about that - the idea that some things aren't art. It's from growing up poor. You run into that your whole life - people of my background and education can't participate.

This is part of why I care so much about the service aspect of my job and giving everyone access to government. There are many people out there who do feel the rich or propertied should have more access to elected officials. Usually it's people who are rich or propertied. I remind them that I'm here to help EVERYONE get better service, information or guidance, not just those with contacts or resources.