Monday, January 02, 2012

Ice, ice, baby girl

Ava had a playdate with a friend from school whose mom suggested ice skating at the Seattle Center. It was a lovely outing for the girls, who did well once we commandeered the ice guides for kids.

I left Dylan with my folks so that I could focus exclusively on Ava for a few hours, which allowed me to fulfill Ava's frequent request for "a little Mommy-Ava time."
I know that soon enough she'll be more interested in hanging with her little school peeps than with me and her dad, so I'm trying to maximize these opportunities and build special memories while I can.

And I actually love ice skating. I tried it with a bunch of co-workers in one of my first jobs after college and took to the ice much more quickly than I would have expected as a city chick. That outing lead me to rollerblading, which I still love, so it was great to get out there with my girl and zip around even a rinky dink rink while avoiding careening pre-teen boys.

Like every sporty activity we've tried so far, Ava was a natural, taking a couple wobbly but upright laps around the rink before we secured the ice guide. Then she set off at a pretty good clip once she had one. Her steering leaves a little to be desired though as she cut back and forth across traffic a few times, nearly causing skater pileups in her wake. Note to self: work on that before she gets her learner's permit for the car.

Still, we both had a great time and I may even try getting Dylan out at a local rink this winter. 

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