Thursday, February 16, 2012


After putting the kids to bed this week, I returned from brushing my teeth to find Dylan happily ensconced under the covers on my side.
The only surprise was that he did this while we were still up, instead of his usual 3:35am foray into our room and bed, when he groggily opens the door and hoists himself up and over my sleep-deprived form to nestle between us.

This week, with him and Jason still recovering from a cold (and mine just getting started) and the related late night coughing and snoring, Jason had had enough. "We only need one guy snoring all night long in this bed," he proclaimed, carrying Dylan back to his room.

He was back within minutes, but the clock is definitely ticking down on his unfettered wee-hours access to our bed.

I can't blame him though: Ava's even said, "Make Dylan move over so I can get in too: your bed is SO nice and warm and cozy."

I know! That's why we want it all to ourselves! It fits the four of us perfectly for our family movie nights, but for actual sleeping, four is a crowd, even in a king size bed.

At least we're not alone in grappling with the perils of the flailing being(s) in our midst. Anyone who has shared a bed with a toddler or two - or even a dog - will recognize the images in this series of Baby Sleep Positions cards from the How To Be A Dad blog.

 "Jazz hands" shown above is definitely popular at our place. Enjoy!

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